LEYF Nursery Booklet

Staying Safe, Having Fun

LEYF Nursery Booklet

Staying Safe, Having Fun


As children return to nursery after lockdown, London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) are taking all the necessary steps to keep children, parents, and teachers safe. We are following Government guidelines and have gathered valuable experience in our nurseries that remained open during the COVID-19 crisis to protect all of us.

We recognise that this is a challenging and worrying time for all and that children pick up anxieties from the adults around them. Our booklet is designed to prepare children for the changes as they come back to nursery. This is free to download to all parents, however, if you are able to make a small donation we would be grateful: Donate Here Thank you.

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The dialogic reading approach will help support your child to enjoy and be confident in reading books. This practice encourages adults to use the pictures along with prompts and cues to actively engage children in the process of reading.

Please see the last page of our booklet where we outline how you can prompt and build on responses so that your child becomes the teller of the story – and you become the listener. This helps children develop a love of books, reading and story times, encouraging them to become eager readers.



LEYF has introduced new procedures to keep children, parents and staff safe which including: social distancing, hygiene regime, infection control measures such as minimising indirect transmission (via touching contaminated surfaces). These were key to our protection and lowered our risk of cross infection in our 15 Hub nurseries which stayed open during the peak of the pandemic.

The Department for Education guidance reaffirms much of what we are doing in terms of hygiene and social distancing. The guidance references the high scientific confidence that younger children are less likely to become unwell if infected with COVID-19 and that is best managed by having smaller groups of 8 or sixteen children which align with the current EYFS ratios, which won’t change. Read our Risk Assessment Here.