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  • "The only place I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter"


    Abbots Manor

  • "The level of the staff’s knowledge is beyond my expectations"


    Abbots Manor

  • "Well done on caring for individual needs and creating a fun environment"



  • "The staff are very kind and helpful.....everything about this nursery is fantastic"


    Abbots Manor

  • "Angel used to be the nursery you had to send your child, now it’s the nursery all the parents want to send their children"


    Angel Nursery

  • "Very friendly and welcoming nursery. The education is fantastic and the staff are amazingly supportive"


    Marks Gate

  • "My child loves everyone at the nursery. I feel confident here with the way they treat each child and their parents, they’re like a family. My child's development is very distinctive and clear to the point of my telling people about the nursery"


    Marks Gate

  • "Since my daughter started she has come on in leaps and bounds; from a little girl that cried before I said goodbye, she has turned into a confident little girl that cannot wait to go and play."


    Marks Gate

  • "My son has a brain disorder, and the staff have been wonderful from day one, continuing to encourage his development and learning. This is a brilliant nursery, with brilliant, caring staff that you can always approach"


    Parent at Leys

  • "Leys is more than you could imagine. The staff are amazing. They care for each child as if they were their own. My son developed as I would only dream of. Leys in one word: Outstanding "


    Leys Nursery

  • "A great nursery for which I have nothing but praise"


    Carlton Hill

  • "The staff are excellent and the activities are well planned"