Health and Safety

The health and safety of children in our care is always our first priority.

Whilst we believe in encouraging children to be independent and explore their environment, our first thought is always for their safety.


First Aid

We understand that occasional knocks and bumps can happen with young children but are always fully prepared to deal with any accidents that may occur whilst your child is with us. Our nursery team always includes staff with a full paediatric first aid certificate and we provide regular first aid training to ensure staff are kept up to date.


Providing a suitable environment

The toys and equipment in all our nurseries are selected for the age and development stage of the children who will access it. We encourage children to think about their own safety and that of others, for example, by tidying up after themselves or taking care when using climbing equipment.


Risk assessments

Risk assessments are carried our by our staff every morning in all indoor and outdoor areas to ensure their optimum safety.

We also have a regular cleaning schedule for all our toys and equipment so that they are kept in prime condition and well-maintained for our children. EscortPage


Secure entry

All our nurseries have a secure entry system in place. Access is only given to known parents, carers or nursery workers, and visitors are escorted by a member of staff.


Trips and outings

We play an active role in our local communities and enjoy taking children on regular outings to local places of interest. To ensure the health and safety of children at all times during our trips and visits, risk assessments are always carried out in advance. Children are also given high visibility jackets and will always be holding hands in pairs or small groups.

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