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At London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), we know how important the Early Years are and we recognise how fast your children develop when they attend a LEYF Nursery. We want to make sure that while our nurseries remain closed, your child’s development continues. We also hope parents from other nurseries will enjoy these activities with their children and come to appreciate the LEYF way of teaching and learning.

    We are all coping with extraordinary circumstances. LEYF recognise the vital role that high-quality Home Learning plays in your child’s lifelong learning. Home Learning is one of our seven areas of LEYF’s pedagogy and there is a good reason for this - what parents do with their children matters, and research proves this.
We have devised activities for you to do with your baby, toddler and pre-school child. Our teams are working hard to regularly update our pages with activities that will support your child’s continuous development while they are unable to attend their nursery. We hope you enjoy our videos, top tips and advice.

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Raising Readers’ Book of the month

    Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae has an empowering message for children about the value of believing in themselves. The story provides opportunities for children to discuss the importance of being kind to others. It is also beautifully illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees and written using a rhyming pattern. Rhyming patterns help to develop young children’s phonological awareness and this book introduces new words such as “elegant”, “splendid” and “breeze”, in context, which will help to enhance a child’s vocabulary.
      LEYF suggests using the dialogic reading approach when enjoying Giraffes Can’t Dance at home…
        Examples of prompts that can be used when sharing this story using the dialogic reading approach:
          Completion prompt: “He was very good at standing still and munching shoots off (pause to let your child finish the sentence) trees”
            Recall prompt: “Who helped Gerald to dance?” (Answer: the cricket)
              Open-ended prompt: “Why do you think Gerald felt sad when the animals told him he can’t dance?”
                Wh-prompt: Why did Gerald fall over when he tried to run?”
                  Distancing prompt: “Do you remember when you were dancing with your friends?”

Raising Readers

Raising Readers at LEYF means to promote a love of reading and in doing so, support the development of children’s language and literacy skills. To become eager and confident readers, young children first need to develop a love of books by reading with adults. One way parents can do this at home is to use the dialogic reading approach. This approach is used in all LEYF nurseries and encourages adults to use the pictures in the book along with prompts and cues to actively engage children in the process of reading. Please watch our lovely video of Ricky from LEYF’s Learning & Development for information.

Baby Room

Babies love to explore. Our team will update this page regularly with activities that are great for their early development.

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Toddler Room

Using items from around the home, our team will regularly update this page with activities that are creative, fun and extend language.

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Pre-School Room

Our team will update this page regularly with activities that support number comprehension, mark making and early literacy.

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Safe, Fit & Healthy

Our teams will update this page regularly with healthy recipes, exercises for children to do indoors and ways to help your child self-regulate their emotions.

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London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) is now offering places in our nurseries to NHS workers who are looking for childcare so you can continue your vital work. Please email customerservices@leyf.org.uk and we will be in touch with you.

    Please note all LEYF nurseries are now closed to all except key workers and vulnerable children. The Government has been clear that we need to run our nurseries at low occupancy to minimise the risk of infection to our children, staff and other families.

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Story Time with 'Audible - An Amazon Company'

LEYF teachers and children love sharing stories, whether we are snuggled up on the sofa, in a den or outside in the garden. We appreciate that many of your homes may be running low on new books and stories, so we are delighted to share that 'Audible - An Amazon Company' has made all their children’s books completely free and available with no subscription. You and your children can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages.

    Please help your child access and enjoy this incredible selection of books to explore. We highly recommend that you share the stories together so that you can talk about the story, the characters and how they might be feeling? Can your child relate to the story? Are they able to make links between their own life experiences and the story?
All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

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Promoting Positive Eating Habits

When children are showing signs of not wanting to eat or have taken a dislike to many of the foods you are eating at home, this can make many parents feel anxious and worry about a child’s health. In this Talk with LEYF, Mandy will be detailing some of the reasons why this can present itself and strategies that you can try to help support your child during this time.


The LEYF Pedagogy Rope represents how teachers at LEYF lead learning to provide the very best outcomes for our children. Each of the 7 strands of the Pedagogy Rope is based on a wide range of research and made of many learning threads that interweave to deliver excellent teaching and wonderful experiences for our children.

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