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Sustainability in the Early Years

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Introducing Green LEYF

At LEYF, we are dedicated to preserving the planet for generations to come. We are already committed to reducing waste and plastic in our nurseries, but we could be doing more. That's where Green LEYF comes in.

Green LEYF is an organisational commitment that looks at educating our nurseries and the communities they inhabit about sustainability and the environment, and how to be as 'green-minded' as possible.


A sustainability lead and 8 eco-champions have been appointed across all areas of LEYF (teachers, deputies, chefs, managers and central office) to implement and support Green LEYF. They will be an integral part of the accreditation process for nurseries, and will also participate in the first internal cohort of the newly created Level 4 Qualification - endorsed by CACHE - 'Developing Sustainability in the Early Years'.

Green LEYF initiatives

With the support of our sustainable partners, we have been able to introduce green initiatives across our nurseries. These look at the different ways we can increase our environmental footprint across all LEYF settings, many of which are in central London. These include:

These include:

  • Wormeries
  • Composters
  • Eco-bricks
  • Mushroom growing
  • Aquaponics
  • ... and many more!

'50 Fantastic Ideas for Sustainability'

Teach children to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and be respectful with 50 fun activities for encouraging environmental sustainability. From making planters and bird feeders to creating natural paints or even bringing broken crayons back to life, these original ideas encourage children and practitioners to see the potential for creativity and fun using and reusing everyday, easy-to-source items. CEO June O'Sullivan and Nick Corlett bring their expertise to this must-have collection of inspiring, sustainability-focused activities.

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If you would like to get involved or find out more about:

  • Green LEYF
  • Working with us
  • Becoming a sustainable partner
  • Level 4 qualification endorsed by CACHE - 'Developing Sustainability in the Early Years'

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Sustainable Partners

The day-to-day implementation of Green LEYF wouldn’t be possible without the support of our Sustainable Partners.