There is a lot of confusion over restrictions imposed by the Government to control the spread coronavirus (COVID-19) as the Tier system is enforced across the country. This is exacerbated by the fact that in some areas there are additional local restrictions.

If you go onto the BBC website and enter your postcode HERE you can quickly find the lockdown rules in your area. The rules highlighted in the search tool are a selection of the key government restrictions in place in your area. To read the full list go to your local authority or the government website.



Government guidelines allow a whole nursery to be run as a bubble but at LEYF we have continued to run room bubbles. However, in some nurseries we need to merge two bubbles with just a few children at the beginning and the end of the day. This is to avoid staff in the nurseries working 12 hour days, which impacts health and wellbeing. We now allocate dedicated bank staff to just one nursery each week to preserve the integrity of the nursery bubbles and minimise the risk of cross-infection.

Parents are not be allowed into LEYF nurseries and will need to drop off and pick up at the nursery door. Parents also need to wear face masks at these times. The children are taken to wash their hands immediately after drop off and throughout the day. The stringent cleaning of all rooms daily will remain in place. Please see our risk assessment here.



As winter approaches, we know a lot of children will have colds and runny noses and there will be lots of questions from parents about whether they should bring their child to nursery. We have put together a simple guide that distinguishes the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) from the usual colds and winter illnesses. This will help staff to navigate the winter infections and to advise parents on whether their child should stay at home. Please see our guideline here.