LEYF Interview Tips

LEYF Interview Tips


Here at London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), we have created a very special interview process designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your interview and allow you to showcase their strengths.

This interview process is values-based, and it allows our managers to get to know you as an individual. This approach puts a value on your life experience, knowledge and skills in early years education. Our Recruitment team will support you through the process once your interview has been confirmed.


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Whether you work in one of our 42 nurseries or in our central office, you will find the LEYF working environment fun and nurturing. Staff build warm relationships with each other. If you are based in a nursery, you will form strong bonds with the children and parents and be part of a passionate and inspiring team. All our teachers receive regular training and development and bring this expertise back to the nursery to ensure children experience learning that is really engaging.


Interviews are approximately two hours long and run by a panel of senior team members including Nursery Managers and Deputy Managers. The interview questions will be about your experience and your motivations for working with young children as well as your knowledge of early years education. You will also be asked to complete an activity-based assessment based on the position you are applying for. Please click on the link below for an outline of different roles at LEYF and the interview activities you will be asked to complete!


Safeguarding is an incredibly important part of working with children. To safeguard means to protect our children from harm and to promote their well-being and welfare. It is vital that you understand how safeguarding will affect the role.

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Early Years Framework Stage (EYFS)

If you are applying for a job in a one of our nurseries, as well as getting to know you as a person, at the interview we will ask you questions that test your knowledge of the Early Years Framework Stage (EYFS).

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Children’s experiences in their early years set the foundations for lifelong learning. This is why your qualification is very important. Please ensure that you always bring your certificate to your interview as this tell us what position you can work in and what salary to offer you.

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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

To work with early years children, you must have a criminal record check. This is known as a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). In order to complete a DBS check, you must provide the following documents at the time of the interview.

There are 2 routes to obtaining your DBS:

  • Route 1:
  • 1 x document from group 1
  • 2 x documents from either Group 2a or Group 2b
  • Route 2:
  • 1 x document from group 2a
  • 2 x documents from either Group 2a or Group 2b

Careers at LEYF

At London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), we offer a range of job opportunities in our various nurseries. To view our current vacancies, click the button below and start applying.

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