“We need to have a diverse workforce with a variety of interaction styles, interests and approaches to teaching, regardless of gender. It should be about who teaches the activity the best.”

June O’Sullivan, CEO, LEYF

Please read June’s blog on Men In Childcare: http://leyf.org.uk/do-men-in-childcare-matter-what-do-the-children-say/

Men in childcare: does it matter to children, what do they say? was a report commissioned by LEYF and written by Dr Helen Perkins of the University of Wolverhampton. Stage 2 of the report delves deeper into one aspect of the previous research, which was that children do not differentiate between staff members based on gender when selecting activities. That is, however, with the exception of literacy, where participating boys chose female teachers.

Read the Men in Childcare Report here.