‘The Children of Soho’

An Exploration of Life in Soho Under Lockdown. 

(Artists Ages 2-4 yrs).


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‘Soho Heart’

 Drawing created by the children to demonstrate their hearts are in the centre of Soho.


‘Early Years Warhol’

The children’s reflected response to the famous work and imagery of Warhol- using print, paint and snack time.



‘Bruno around Soho’

A series of five photos of Lockdown Soho featuring Bruno’s robot.


‘Lockdown in Soho’

Sapphire’s sculpted lock and key representing these strange times.



‘Wings of Soho’

The children’s joint endeavour. The friendly and large winged bird who flies over Soho during lockdown. This bird must continue to glitter its Soho glamour despite tricky recent times- The Bird’s role and purpose is to spread joy across our patch of the city.


Register and get your ticket: here