Inspiring a future in childcare

LEYF is proud to support Tinies Childcare’s Inspiring a Future in Childcare campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist within the childcare sector and to promote the value of the childcare profession in our modern world.

The childcare industry is facing a recruitment crisis with not enough childcarers to fill the childcare jobs. These days many families need both parents to work and finding safe, affordable, quality childcare is invaluable to enabling them to return to work.

So faced with the biggest threat to operators and recruiters in our industry todate: the ever decreasing pool of qualified and quality childcarers entering the profession, Tinies Childcare launched the Inspiring A Future In Childcare campaign.

This campaign is backed by a number of stakeholders including the Department for Education, NDNA, PACEY, Pre-School Learning Alliance, National Careers Service, Education and Employers Charity and The Careers and Enterprise Company and welcome LEYF to their team of supporters.

Through engaging with careers advisors, schools and colleges, with particular focus on engaging with Year 8 and Year 9 students, we can raise awareness and help to make a difference.

The campaign can be supported in a variety of ways; through the display of campaign posters, campaign banners on website, or even offering apprenticeship or work experience placements.

We have also teamed up with the Education and Employers Charity who have a free online service called Inspiring The Future, that connects thousands of schools with volunteers from Apprentices to CEOs, to encourage volunteers from the Early Years sector to sign up and pledge one hour per year to speak to young people about their job or career in their local community or alternatively you can work with your local Tinies branch.

In addition childcare professionals may simply wish to share their story about what inspired them to join the sector. No matter how little or much support you can give, all is welcome.

Naturally we hope that these efforts, alongside the Government’s new, more relaxed stance on students GCSE requirements, will reverse the trend of declining number of people going into childcare and help to show the profession in the higher esteem that it deserves.

To find out how you can get involved, visit, or email